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For many couples, the idea of a divorce is frightening and, at times, overwhelming, even if it is the best option for their particular situation. At the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we recognize the challenges that a divorce can present, and we are equipped to help you navigate the process while keeping contentiousness and hostility at a minimum. We will also work with you in exploring the possibility of completing an uncontested divorce which can greatly simplify the proceedings.

Attorneys for Bay Area Clients Pursuing Divorce

If you and your spouse can effectively work together in spite of your differences, an uncontested divorce could be a possibility. An uncontested divorce is one in which the spouses agree to dissolve their marriage and are able to reach an agreement regarding all of the issues inherent to the process. Depending on the couple's situation, the parties will need to decide on matters related to:

The primary advantage of an uncontested divorce is that the parties can control virtually every aspect of the final judgment. While, in some cases, the court must approve the negotiated agreement to be sure that it is reasonable and does not compromise the best interests of the couple's children, the court will not be required to make divorce-related decisions. The parties' agreement serves as the basis for the divorce judgment.

Amicable Divorce Lawyers Serving Oakland and Fremont

At Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, our experienced lawyers have helped many Bay Area clients with their uncontested divorce cases. We understand the importance of focused negotiation in reaching a workable divorce agreement. Our attorneys also recognize that an uncontested divorce generally allows the process to be completed with minimal stress and bitterness between the parties. Both spouses are also more likely to remain in compliance with a negotiated divorce settlement they helped create.

When you work with our law firm for your uncontested divorce, you will benefit from not only our knowledge and skill, but our commitment to top-quality client service. We put the needs of your family first and will help you develop an agreement that protects the rights and best interests of you, your ex spouse, and your children.

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If you are thinking about pursuing a divorce in Santa Clara County, contact our office and speak to an attorney who can provide the guidance you need. Call the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich at 408-625-1130 for a confidential consultation. From offices located in San Jose, CA, we are proud to serve the communities of Campbell, Salinas, Fremont, Cupertino, Milpitas, Palo Alto, and the rest of the Bay Area.


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