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Domestic Abuse Attorneys for Victims in the Bay Area

Millions of families around the country—including many right here in California—are forced to suffer the effects of domestic violence. The impact of such behavior can last for many years, and a large number of victims deal with the aftermath of abuse for the rest of their lives. The compassionate team at the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich is ready, willing, and able to help those affected by domestic violence remain safe and to create family law agreements designed to address the problem.

Domestic Violence Attorneys in California

According to the law, domestic violence or abuse is defined as:

  • Recklessly or intentionally causing/attempting to cause physical injury;
  • Behavior that places a person in reasonable apprehension of a serious physical injury;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Harassing, stalking, intimidating, threatening, or otherwise disturbing the peace of another person.

The nature of the relationship between the abuser and the victim is what makes such behavior considered domestic violence. Domestic violence includes any such actions committed by a person against:

  • A current or former spouse/romantic partner;
  • A co-parent;
  • A relative by blood, adoption, or marriage; or
  • A current or former member of the same household.

Protective Orders Lawyers in Santa Clara County

At the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we recognize that, in many cases, a protective order may offer a domestic violence victim increased safety. If you or your children are in imminent danger of domestic abuse, we will help you file for, obtain, and enforce a restraining order to protect you and your children from the abuser. While the process may seem overwhelming, an experienced attorney at your side can make a difference and help you find the security you deserve.

Family Law Considerations in Domestic Violence Cases

When domestic violence becomes an issue for parents who share custody of their children and parenting time, the behavior may affect the status of the existing parenting order. The court may order a modification of a custody or visitation schedule based on the evidence of danger to the child. Our attorneys will work with you in seeking a new order that fully protects your children from physical, emotional, and mental endangerment.

If you would like to learn more about domestic violence issues and how we can help your family, contact our firm. Call the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich at 408-625-1130 for a confidential consultation today. From offices located in San Jose, California, we are proud to serve clients in and around Santa Clara County and throughout the Bay Area.


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