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San Jose Lawyers for Orders of Protection

San Jose Restraining Order Attorneys

Attorneys for Protective Orders and Restraining Orders in Salinas, Sunnyvale, and the Bay Area

At the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we take the safety and security of our clients very seriously. We know the dangers of abusive situations, and when you feel threatened, we are prepared to help you take steps to protect yourself and your children. Our attorneys will work with you in determining if a protective order is right for your situation and remain by your side throughout the legal process.

Types of Protective Orders in California

Under California law, there are four distinct types of restraining orders that may be issued by the court to offer protection to an at-risk individual:

  • Domestic violence restraining orders – used to protect victims who have suffered physical or emotional abuse at the hands of a spouse, divorced spouse, former romantic partner, parent, child, or member of the same household.
  • Elder or dependent abuse restraining orders – used to protect victims over age 65 or adults with special needs from continued physical or financial abuse, neglect, or deprivation of care.
  • Civil harassment restraining orders – used to protect victims of stalking, threatening behavior, harassment, or physical abuse by an abuser not close enough to qualify as a domestic violence situation.
  • Workplace violence restraining orders – obtained by employers to protect an employee who has been harassed, threatened, or abused in the workplace.

Bay Area Attorneys Helping to Protect You

When a protective order is issued by the court, it may contain a number of provisions designed to prevent future abuse or harassment from occurring. A restraining order may prohibit the subject from contacting or approaching the named "protected person" or persons, and place restrictions on his or her rights and activities. In some cases, a restraining order may even affect the subject's right to visitation with his or her children.

The consequences of a violating a restraining order can be very serious and may include fines and jail time. At the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we can provide the assistance you need in both securing and enforcing a restraining order against your abuser.

Lawyers in San Jose for Working Through a Restraining Order

In some cases, a restraining order is issued solely on the testimony of the alleged victim, even if the testimony is false or unfounded. If you have been named as the subject of a restraining order, we are equipped to help you as well. We will work with you to present your case in court and ensure that your rights are restored as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about obtaining or dealing with a restraining order in the San Jose area, contact our office. Call 408-625-1130 to schedule a confidential consultation at the Law Office of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich. We are proud to serve individuals and families throughout Santa Clara County and the surrounding Bay Area.


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