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There are many reasons that establishing child support is important for California parents. The cost of living in California is the second-highest in the nation. Both parents should want to provide equally for their children. This often includes having the higher earning spouse contribute financially to the well-being of his or her child.

However, establishing child support is a complicated part of California family law. There are many factors that can determine who contributes financially. It is important to have a child support attorney in San Jose on your side when seeking to establish child support. He or she can present the right evidence during your child support hearing.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we assist families with a variety of family law concerns. Attorney Nick Cvietkovich has over a decade of experience helping individuals in San Jose and the surrounding communities. He has a deep understanding of the process involving California child support cases and can help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Are you seeking to establish child support in California? Or are you defending yourself against a child support action? Either way, you should give us a call today to discuss your case. We offer a free confidential consultation for your convenience.

How a Child Support Attorney in San Jose Can Help

Do you have concerns about hiring a child support lawyer in San Jose? Representing yourself during a child support hearing is always an option. However, there are many circumstances where an experienced attorney can help you get the child support you need. Attorney Nick Cvietkovich can help you with the following:

  • Accurately present your income and financial obligations in court
  • Negotiate a modification of your child support agreement to accommodate changes in your life
  • Aggressively pursue the enforcement of a court-ordered child support agreement
  • Litigate child support cases between spouses living in different states or countries

Are you worried about spending too much money on attorney fees during your California child support case? If so, then you should consider the long-term benefits of obtaining legal counsel. You could lose money if you attempt to negotiate child support payments on your own. The money you lose per year could far outweigh the money you would pay in attorney fees.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Nicholas Cvietkovich, we will protect your rights as a parent of divorce. Attorney Nick Cvietkovich knows how to analyze the financial data used to calculate California child support payments. He will do everything he can to ensure your financial interests are represented fairly. Give him a call today to schedule a free confidential consultation.

Calculating Child Support in California

Calculating child support payments is a complicated process. Emotions often intensify when people discuss money. There is a general process California courts follow when calculating child support. They use each parent’s net disposable income to determine the amount of child support owed per month.

To calculate your net disposable income, the court must determine your gross annual income. Your gross annual income includes any income you receive from all sources, including from the ownership of a business. Gross annual income also includes any employment benefits you receive.

After determining your gross annual income, you will subtract certain deductions to determine your net disposable income. The most common deductions include:

  • State and federal tax obligations
  • Job-related expenses
  • Union dues required for employment
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Extraordinary health expenses

A child support attorney in San Jose can use his or her resources to help you calculate your gross annual income and net disposable income. You can potentially use this information in court to help you secure a favorable outcome.

California Child Support Modification

Have you or your divorced spouse undergone a major life change? These changes could make your child support agreement seem obsolete. In these circumstances, you have the right to request a child support modification. The following grounds are considered appropriate for a California child support modification.

  • Changes in income
  • Job loss
  • Additional children
  • Changing needs of the child
  • Amount of time spent with your child
  • Incarceration

The court will expect you to have a sound reason for modifying an existing child support agreement. A child support lawyer in San Jose can help you gather evidence to verify your claims. Attorney Nick Cvietkovich can help you prepare a thorough case for child support modification. Take advantage of his offer for a free confidential consultation.

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